How to Write a Cover Letter

You really want the job but you don’t know what to put in your cover letter? Previous experience is a great way to start, but this is what you really need in your successful cover letter.

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How to write a cover letter

Everyone knows that feeling when you come across a job you really want, and then you begin to write the cover letter for it and anxiety of not getting the job takes over so bad that you can’t even think up the list of your previous experience in that industry.

That’s fine, it happens to everyone. And of course, listing your previous experience is a fundamental part of writing a god cover letter.

But listing the last three places you worked at in that relevant field will only get you so far if you’re not creative when writing your cover letter.

When writing your cover letter you really need to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Get creative: tell the potential employer a story relating to your previous work experience, talk about what you want out of the job, you can even create a hypothetical in which you could solve a problem relating to said job.

It’s simple, get creative.

This way your cover letter will stand out from all of the other dry, uninteresting cover letters detailing qualifications and experience.

It will get you to an interview – believe me.