iPhone X – Not For Everyone

It’s Apple’s most anti-climactic launch yet.

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iPhone x

Apple has put a thorn in my side ever since they scrapped the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 and I was hoping they’d salvage themselves in subsequent releases…well they haven’t.

Here are the 2 biggest reasons why I’m less-than-impressed with the iPhone X:

1) Price

The phone costs almost AUD$2000. What’s so life altering and/or innovative about it that justifies this exuberant price tag? Nothing. I could buy a 2017 MacBook for that price or simply get the Samsung S8 for similar features such as facial recognition, wireless charging, a nearly bezel-less screen and specs, all for AUD$400 less than the 64GB iPhone X. Yes, Apple promises longer battery life, higher resolution cameras and a sharper screen, but these logical improvements are to be expected. Its only truly standout feature, the animojis (which are eerily reminiscent of Black Mirror’s Waldo), as fascinating as they are, isn’t enough to justify the steep price.

2) Loss of Touch ID

The fingerprint sensor is replaced…with facial recognition. The demo of which embarrassingly failed twice during the launch event. Touch ID made unlocking the phone incredibly quick and convenient; with Face ID you must position your face at an optimal angle to unlock your phone. Apple assured that it’d be able to detect your face at night and when facial features are momentarily altered (when you’re wearing sunglasses, heavy makeup or a mustache, for example), but I’d think facial recognition can hardly be as reliable or fuss-free as fingerprint sensors. And with the loss of the home button, I’m completely helpless should my phone freeze. Apple has always been a leader with incredible foresight in the electronics industry, but recent developments have fallen short of consumer expectations.

The iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone to date, so I assumed it’d have extraordinary, revolutionary features setting it apart from the rest. But it’s just a shadow of Android devices’ past.

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