Cleanse Your Mind with Bina Jhaveri’s A to Zen Coaching

Cleanse Your Mind with Bina Jhaveri's A to Zen Coaching

Do you feel the need to fine tune your inner compass so you can reach your maximum potential in the shortest time span? Well Bina Jhaveri has the something just for you.

Bina works with driven and relentless women leaders (and some distinguished men too) who know where they want to go and want to get there fast – without depleting more energy or sacrificing family time!

With Bina’s years of supporting the top Nasdaq tech firms, the mindset-wellbeing coach lends her expertise in coaching clients and employees, helping them develop their unique leadership style, operate through personal strengths, overcome daily challenges, build confidence and create pioneering results.

Bina was kind enough to give CrowdInk a piece of her mind, chatting one-on-one with us about her business “A to Zen Coaching”.

What’s the Inspiration Behind Your Business?

To help more and more women rise, claim their worth, step up for themselves and create a life they deserve, unapologetically. I have had a 360 journey from corporate to entrepreneur, working in an environment where I wasn’t welcome, where I had to create a place for myself, doing everything single handedly for years – to NOW. Where I’m creating a welcoming, inclusive space for others, helping them carve business systems and find their iconic style to hand-craft their career and personal joy.   Having a coaching business where I get to guide women who are on a path in sharing their unique gifts with the world through a 3-Pronged Approach: Mindset-Wellbeing-Performance. With 25 years of expertise along with my global Coach Certifications allow me to partner with visionaries in achieving peak performance through Zen practices, wellness techniques and evidence-based emotional care.  It’s a holistic approach like to other to leadership, love and life.

What is the Problem You’re Trying to Solve? Or USP?

Helping leaders get out of the busy being busy mentality, shift from “survive to thrive” and inculcate joy and well-being as an integral part of the success formula.

Who is Your Ideal Customer? 

Leaders,Visionaries, Executives, Powerhouse Mom’s, Entrepreneurs  – all ready to enjoy the fruits of their hard work!

Have you Been Impacted by Covid, if so how have you Pivoted Your Business?

Yes, COVID has opened up a lot more opportunity to create impact as so many leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners have raised their hand and asked for support on various levels.  It ignited many new avenues to help more people as I took it in my hands to touch as many lives as possible through emotional, business and personal support.  I also created my first product through A to Zen Coaching called Conscious Connect Cards which allow people to connect, share, talk and express themselves authentically through Flashcards which could be used to connect with teammates, break ice, family game nights and so much more. 

What are Your Goals for 2022 and Beyond?

My goal is to create an inclusive  Movement called ‘The Circle of Rise’ where women can show up as themselves, get and give support while gaining mega confidence, creating their iconic leadership style and enjoying their journey.  I’m working on this now and look forward to sharing more about it in the near future.  I’m also on a mission to touch 1M lives through my Iconic Woman Program – geared towards coaching intimate groups of women in a personal, high-touch environment so they can flourish holistically.

What Advice do you Have for Other Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs? 

Everything begins with self. Self-love, self-worth and self-compassion are necessary to lead your best life and build a legacy.  Peak performance is incomplete without taking care of yourself first.  Honor this and hold it close in your heart.

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