Borrack Square is a Shopping Destination For All Nations

Borrack Square is a Shopping Destination For All Nations.
Borrack Square is a Shopping Destination For All Nations.

India Spice Corner located at Borrack Square, stocks over 30 different types of rice, 20 types of lentils and more than 10 flours. The modest spice retailer stocks hard to find spices suited to a wide range of international dishes including; Bangladesh, Indian, Lebanese, Iranian, Pakistan and Sri Lankan. The owner has an international customer base from all over Melbourne. It’s one of the international small businesses tucked away in Borrack Square that has a wide international following.

Borrack Square is one of the best kept secrets in the west with a number of the small business retailers regularly receiving rave reviews on Google and Facebook, says Small Business Marketing Expert, Ailsa Page of AP Marketing Works.

Ailsa Page added, “Supporting small business owners in particular retailers has never been more important than during COVID-19. When you buy from a small business you are actually supporting your community.”

Borrack Square has also welcomed a new healthy smoothie bar, called Pinnacle Nutrition via Duke Street, Altona North.

The smoothie bar located upstairs above Pauline’s Flowers is already proving extremely popular with locals.

In an out of the square approach, Pinnacle Nutrition’s tucked away location on level 1 above Borrack Square shops has brought a taste of Melbourne CBD to Altona North.

The healthy smoothie bar offers a range of delicious hydration options including energy teas, aloe vera shots and smoothies and is 1 of 17 smoothie bars with independent owners to open across Victoria featuring the same smoothie offerings.

Here’s why Borrack Square retailers are a hidden gem in the West:

  • Altona Kebab House is known for friendly staff, great deals and quality kebabs.
  • Borrack Square Butcher and BBQ are known for their great service and fresh range of affordable meats from local producers.
  • Borrack Square Charcoal Chicken is popular for chicken burgers and juicy charcoaled chickens.
  • Borrack Square News Lotto and Gift recently updated their store to suit customers on motorised scooters and is considered one of the friendliest services in the west.
  • HookD Fish n Chip is popular for their service, meal packs, potato cakes and salad/rice/burrito side dishes.
  • J.T. Hair, Nail & Beauty are known for service and the fantastic pedicures.
  • Kings Pizza is considered the best value for money pizzas in Newport and Altona North.
  • Pauline’s Flowers are known for their huge variety of flowers and offering interflora services for international flower deliveries.
  • Seaside Flat Bread Café is known for great tasting and value for money Lebanese pastries ideal for breakfast on the go.
  • Window Café is popular for Vietnamese halal comfort dishes including Banh mi, chicken rice, fried noodles and Pho.

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