Ashley Sanders on Being Your own Boss

Ashley Sanders on Being Your own Boss

Founded in 2020, but dreamt about since 2007, Ashley Sanders has always wanted to own her own business. She is a strong minded teen who believes anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. 

We here at CrowdInk had the privilege of interviewing her, and discussed all things beauty, business and skin sensitivities.

What’s the Inspiration Behind Your Business?

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be my own boss, so as I got older in age I began to save my money for my business so that I could make little Ashley proud one day.

What is the Problem You’re Trying to Solve? Or USP?

I use my business to help people with sensitive skin find makeup products for them. A lot of cosmetic products use ingredients and fragrances that are overpowering and can cause irritation. Simply Royal Cosmetics makes glosses out of natural ingredients and rarely uses fragrances.

Who is Your Ideal Customer? 

Yes, my business has been impacted by Covid financially. I had to take it upon myself to seek new ways of funding while also keeping my name relevant in the media.

Have you Been Impacted by Covid, if so how have you Pivoted Your Business?

My goals for 2022 and so on is to grow my brand name into becoming a household name across the nations. I want to create more cosmetic products like lip liner, eyeshadow palettes, lashes, foundation, tints, and more! I hope to be able to grow a team full of devoted people and possibly work with many artists soon.

What are Your Goals for 2022 and Beyond?

To have digital products which will make legal resources and tools more accessible for small business owners.

What Advice do you Have for Other Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs? 

Interview questions Simply Royal

Start now and stop waiting for the perfect moment. There is no such thing as the right time, trust me. If you start now you will be able to go through all of the growing pains and trials and errors so that later you can succeed. Future you will be grateful for the present you for starting now.

You can connect with Ashley via:

Instagram: @simplyroyall

Twitter: @simplyroyall