Tennis Mania!

Everything you need to know about the Australian Open 2017!

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Australian Open

Well folks the time has come to get out those work clothes and pack away the Christmas tree because as we settle into the new year it seems like the holidays are only a distant memory.

But cheer up, as January chugs along it brings the promise of at least some good things.

Warm weather, the gentle ease back into work and maybe the best thing about the start of the year… The Australian Open.

That’s right everyone, the time has come to grab your tennis racquets once again because the courts are ready and the players have arrived, tennis fever has taken over the town!

For those of you however who are not very tennis savvy you don’t have to worry! Here’s some basic information about the Australian Open so that you can stay in the loop and impress all your friends!

For the last two weeks in January, Melbournians unite to embrace the tournament that captivates the nation. Many flock to Melbourne Park to enjoy the talent competing before them while submerging themselves in the history and the atmosphere that comes with event.

The Australian Open is the first of the four major Grand Slam tennis events of the year and has been running for over 100 years, first held in 1905.

Every year it attracts a high attendance always rivalling and sometimes exceeding the US Open.

One of the most iconic features of the tournament being held in Australia is that it’s conducted in the middle of summer. This means that players can be competing in temperatures up to 40 degrees heat!

This year once again there are Open Sessions for entertainment around Melbourne Park with a new artist performing every night. These spots serve as an area for people to relax during matches or cool off from the summer heat.

Generally tickets are bought for a whole day event. Part of the fun of going to the tennis is enjoying the day and hanging around to witness the atmosphere of the night matches that follow.

So, has hearing all this information made you want to spend the day at the tennis?

Well you can with tickets for all sorts of matches available!

The cheapest is a ground pass; this gives you access to all the outdoor courts and select seating to Hisense Arena- one of the main three courts.

Otherwise, there are tickets for the main three courts, where most of the big matches are played, available as well. These tickets give you the chance to see some of the big stars up close and personal.

So if you’re thinking about experiencing one of Australia’s most iconic sporting events, you definitely should give it a go.

The crowds, atmosphere, competition and general vibe will convert you into a tennis fan before you know it!

Now’s your chance to grab your friends and a day pass and head down to Melbourne Parks over the next two weeks and take part in the tennis mania that is taking over Melbourne, trust me, you wont be disappointed.