5 Travel Apps to Check Out Before Booking a Trip

Travel the world stress-free with these five free-to-download travel apps.

Travel Apps
Travel Apps

If you’re thinking about your next holiday or currently in the middle of planning your trip, there is now a smarter and quicker way to plan your holiday from start to finish. Gone are the days where you have to rely on word-of-mouth for the best accommodation or wait hours on the phone to book your flights. There are now a number of free apps specifically for travelling for you to choose from and point you in the right direction towards your holiday destination.

Here are the top five travel apps you should be downloading now.

  1. PackPoint

If you’re one to stress about what you should and shouldn’t pack, PackPoint has you completely covered. Whether you’re going on an around-the-world trip or a family holiday, this app will build your packing list accordingly and ensure that you have everything you need for your travels. All it needs is your destination, how long you’re staying for, and the nature of your travelling. PackPoint also checks the weather forecast based on your trip and allows you to customise your own packing checklist.

  1. Airbnb

With this app, you can book your entire accommodation with a touch of a button. Airbnb is specifically designed for you to choose where you wish to stay when you arrive at your destination. With hundreds of homes and rentals from local hosts to choose from, you will feel like you’re living at home while on holiday. The Airbnb app also allows plenty of privacy for you and your host while messaging and communicating with each other about your upcoming travel plans.

  1. XE Currency

The XE Currency app is essential to have for all international travelling. It allows you to compare multiple currency rates from more than 30,000 countries and automatically converts the best currency rates based on your planned destination. XE Currency allows you to use the app offline by checking your most recent currency updates and searches.

  1. iTranslate

It can be quite daunting and intimidating to travel to a foreign country or a place that has a different cultural lifestyle and not knowing a single word of the language. This is where iTranslate comes in to play. The iTranslate app offers more than 90 languages and dialects and translates them from the English language via a text input. You can also add voice recognition by paying the additional in-app purchase. So no longer will you feel out of place when travelling to another country and introduced to a new culture as you will fit right into the local community.

  1. Triposo

Triposo literally plans and books your trip for you from transport, to hotels bookings, to daily sightseeing activities all on the one app. Triposo also acts as a local tour guide by offering you a user-friendly map, local tips, restaurant recommendations, weather forecasts, and even lets you create your own personalised bucket list of places to visit. Triposo offers all of this and without having to have Wi-Fi connection.

What travel apps have you used? Let us know in the comments below!

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