New Australia Day Advertisement Aims to Tackle Controversy.

The National Australia Day Council has taken care when crafting its newest ad.

Australia Day Advertisement
Australia Day Advertisement

The National Australia Day Council’s 2020 campaign, ‘The Story of Australia’, has strong tones of inclusivity and caution. Showing on free-to-air TV as well as online, the one-minute video captures the diverse range of Australians. Various nationalities, sexualities, ages, religions, families and bodies all feature.

The advertisement fosters care for all groups and takes a serious conversational tone, in addition to showing the typical Australia Day barbeque that many attend and attribute to being ‘Aussie’. Its dialogue shows respect and makes an effort to rectify any mistakes previously made in conversations regarding Australia Day.


“The story of Australia. It’s the story of me, it’s the story of you, it’s the story of we. In parts it is painful, in parts it is raw, in others it’s beautiful, inspiring great awe. It tells of many people, from far and wide, and those who’ve been here, since the beginning of time. It brings us together, and tears us apart. We all have our views, so where do we start? By listening to each other, and sharing our part. We’re all part of the story. Australia Day. Reflect. Respect. Celebrate. ”

Backlash towards Australia Day surrounds the date of January 26th, when the First Fleet arrived in 1788. This day, which was one of “massacre” according to activist group GetUp, is referred to by some as “Invasion Day” who call for the date to be changed. On the other hand, many think that the outrage is political correctness gone too far.

Alongside the main ad, the council’s YouTube channel has also released the stories of the people  featured. These go into detail about each individual’s connection to Australia and how it feels to live here, emphasising the diversity of the nation and the values of our culture.

Though the ad is unlikely to change people’s views on the issue, the organisation’s effort to promote harmony is clear.

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