First Lady Melania Trump Keeps low Profile

Melania has done a disappearing act since her husband’s inauguration two weeks ago.

Melania Trump,, crowd ink, crowdink
Melania Trump (source: The Daily Beast)

While it seems that the media cannot get enough of Donald Trump, attention has turned to his wife Melania Trump who has been keeping a low profile.

Since Donald Trump’s inauguration just over two weeks ago, Melania has not been present at many official events.

She hasn’t even been photographed in public since the day after her husband was made President.

This is particularly interesting, as Donald’s daughter Ivanka has maintained a noticeable presence with her father, where Melania has been absent.

Melania wasn’t present last Tuesday when Mr Trump announced his Supreme Court pick. Vice President Mike Pence and Neil Gorsuch brought their wives along.

The next day, she was also nowhere to be seen, with Trump instead bringing his daughter to accompany him to Delaware to honour a fallen Navy SEAL.

Melania also isn’t currently living in the White House and is still putting her staff together.

Instead she is staying in the family’s Fifth Avenue skyscraper with her 10-year- old son Barron. With no immediate plans to move to Washington, she is most likely going to wait until Barron finishes school at the end of the year.

In a media statement she gave reasons as to why she has taken a while to put her staff together.

“I am putting together a professional and highly experienced team which will take time to do properly,” she said.

She has even been quiet on the First Lady’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts with only one notification on January 21 saying she was “deeply honoured to serve this wonderful country”.

Critics are worried that her absence may decrease her ratings and popularity in the public eye.

Katherine Jellison, history professor at Ohio University, told AFP such a move was certainly unprecedented.

“Certainly in that time we haven’t seen a phenomenon such as this where the First Lady delays for at least several months moving into the White House,” she said. However, others say it is perfectly normal for her to take time to adjust to her new role and to decide what kind of First Lady she wants to be.