Does Personality Have a Place in Business, Taher Shan?

With Taher Shan’s flamboyant, “Angel,” going viral and Darren Lyons’ big personality coming front and center, can it actually pay to be different?

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Angel - Taher Shan

Pakistani businessman and singer, Taher Shan, and his self-directed video clip “Angel” is currently taking the internet by storm.

“Angel” features the man singing for the most part on what looks like a golf course with Angel wings and various evening dresses on. He also occasionally holds a wand.

The clip has gained almost 1 million views and attracted the attention of major news outlets including Washington Post and BBC News and has been seen as a positive break from other news reported on Pakistan, lately.

It’s also allowed us to reminisce on the singer’s debut single “Eye to Eye” which was accompanied by a video clip which showed off Taher’s ability to wear both black and white suits and also the versatility of his hair.

However other people hot in the news and on social are showing why it actually might not always pay to be different.

Widespread reports say the City of Greater Geelong council and their mayor Darryn Lyons are facing the sack following an independent inquiry.

Cr Lyons made it into the news following his appointment to the position of mayor of Geelong on various occasions; for his decision to erect a gigantic floating Christmas tree in town, for when he fell off a horse during the filming of a tourism commercial, and more generally for his flamboyant dress sense and crazy hairstyles.

Now, facing serious disciplinary action one would have to ask – does it really pay to be different?

It is one thing for Mr Lyons to be sacked from his role as mayor, but now, with his colourful reputation, will he be able to rebound in any sort of political career?

Mr Shan lists himself as a businessman at a publicly listed company on his website and details nothing more about how he makes a living.

Cr Lyon’s, on the other hand, has completely intertwined his personal and professional life, allowing him to gain publicity, but ultimately meaning he is in the spotlight all the time, and not always for the right reasons.

Have you showed your true colours in the workplace? Do you think it’s a good idea to fuse your personal and professional identity?

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