Channel 9’s Epic Show of Solidarity

Channel 9 Shows Support for Lisa Wilkinson After Ridiculous Outfit Shaming from Daily Mail

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Lisa Wilkinson (source: Alchetron)

Daily Mail’s article attacking Lisa Wilkinson for wearing the same blouse 4 months apart (gasp), has resulted in a hilarious show of unity among various Channel 9 TV presenters.

The article posted yesterday titled: “That’s Thrifty! Today show’s Lisa Wilkinson sports same floral blouse, just four months apart, while hosting breakfast program,” gives a great amount of detail about the blouse “with a strategic cutout above the bust” and how this isn’t even the first time Wilkinson has worn that same outfit.

Moving on from the ridiculousness of this article and the sweet Lizzie McGuire memes that it inspires…

The best thing to have come out of this whole incident is the responses.

Lisa Wilkinson took to Instagram to comically respond to the breaking news, and is very clear that this whole situation is a bit absurd.

She then proceeded to wear the same outfit again this morning on the Today show.

Daniel Campbell and Sonia Kruger were the next to join in on the silent protest. After commenting on the article on Today Extra, Campbell returned from an ad break wearing the same blouse, which was again worn by Kruger later in the segment.

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Thank you Channel 9.

Your amazing show of solidarity is an inspiration to all.