Clean Up Australia Day

Let’s get together and make this fine country of ours sparkle Australia.

Clean Up Australia Day,, crowd ink, crowdink
Clean Up Australia Day (source: Wedge Island)

Clean Up Australia Day is taking place this Sunday my fellow Aussies, so don your best cork hat, slap on some sunscreen and whip out your gloves- it’s time to get scrubbing.

The event is in its 27 th year and its mission more important than ever- clean up the beaches, the parks and the wetlands that we so proudly call our own, and spread the message that environmental preservation is more than just important- its integral.

To get involved, you can either create your own site to pick up rubbish, or you can join an existing site (you can find allocated areas on the campaign’s website attached below) and register as an individual, group, school or business. Once registered, you will be sent a Clean Up Kit with all of the goodies you will need to get cleaning.

The idea was inspired by Australian icon and keen sailor Ian Kiernan, who was fed up with the vast amounts of rubbish found floating about in the harbour, and decided to do something about it.

Since then, Australian’s have dedicated over 31 million hours to the cause and salvaged over 331 thousand tonnes of rubbish that would have otherwise ended up polluting the stunning environments we reside in. Now that’s impressive.

The cause is worthy and the action easy, so why not take your family down to the local beach or park and do your bit in preserving the environment?

Head to the CUAD website to register your interest and check out all of the finer details to plan your ever so altruistic day. It feels good to give back.