Cairns Man Left in Critical Condition After Deadly Snake Bite

A Cairns man is fighting for his life after finding a common taipan snake making itself at home in his lounge room.

Taipan (Image Source: Daily Telegraph)
Taipan (Image Source: Daily Telegraph)

A man in his 70s has been bitten by a deadly taipan snake in his lounge room in Cairns, and has, since then, been left in critical condition.

The bite was called in at 8pm on Tuesday, with Paramedics at the scene as quick as possible to perform CPR on the man. With a rapidly deteriorating condition, another paramedic was then quickly called in.

Valerie Noble reached the Yorkeys Knob home not long after the others, anti-venom in hand. Not long after the antidote was given, the man regained his pulse. It is said that the man was bitten on his foot, right in between his toes, with it possibly having hit a vein due to the large amount of blood at the scene.

After given the anti-venom, the man was then rushed to the Cairns Hospital in critical condition and is being currently monitored.

The coastal taipan is identified as the 6th most venomous land-snakes in the world. It is native to North and East Australia as well as New Guinea. It can grow between 1.2 and 2m and thrives in hot climates near the coast (although some are known to inhabit areas over 100km from the coast). This has, unfortunately, not been the first incident of a critical snake attack this year, with another instance involving a toddler earlier on in September.

As summer is the liveliest season for snakes, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings during these hot months. The attacks urge a serious warning to all those living in grassy or remote areas. While paramedics are quick to help, a snake bite is no risk you want to take.

A snake finding its way indoors is usually unlikely, however, it’s important to be wary of any gaps or spaces a snake could fit through. Snakes like warm, hidden areas, so make sure your house isn’t filled with massive clutters of boxes and clothes. And keep a keen eye out when you’re sifting through your shed or garage.

As for outside, if you live in a grassy bush area, keep your property regularly mown, so you can keep watch if any dangerous creatures, and make sure to only walk through wide open areas. Australia is notorious for having some of the most deadly fauna in the world, so tread lightly and keep watch at all times. This is the snake’s home too, after all.