Socks for Style!

The statement socks is being showcased across the globe.

Socks for Style
Socks for Style

Socks used to be a necessity, a part of our wardrobe we never gave a second thought. Socks were used as a barrier between our skin and our shoes, to pad what would otherwise be an uncomfortable walk. Not anymore. Socks are now a statement. It’s often said that in the workplace, your socks can represent your personality, which then saw suited men donning outrageously patterned socks.

Then we witnessed modern sock brands, bringing out sheer fashion socks, the public began to care more about their socks and ensure their outfit deliberately flashed their perfectly planned ankles.

The last year has seen an incredible boom for socks in the fashion industry, what began during London Fashion Week in 2017 extended to Milan Fashion Week. Socks in heels, socks in sandals, the world’s most influential designers jumped on the bandwagon and made a statement that kicked off in London last September. Burberryled the craze, pairing plaid socks with strappy high-heeled sandals and featuring the look with multiple ensembles.

Gucci has made sure that socks can be just as personalised, decadent and noticeable as the clothes they’re paired with, after the release of Alessandro Michele’s 2017 Footwear release.  Marni modernised the geek-chic look, with knee high socks, paired with tailored shorts that were a huge success. Australia caught onto the trend with Melbourne’s VAMFF designers showcasing socks with their looks.

The immense popularity of socks as a fashion statement is only growing, if the trend continues, it’ll no doubt be another iconic element in fashion festivals across the globe.