Fashion Fail

Crop top proves too small for intended use

Advertisement,, crowd ink, crowdink, Flawed crop top (Image Source: distractify)
Flawed crop top (Image Source: distractify)

Fashion trends come and go, with many fashion forward people setting them and showing us what the latest, coolest styles are to wear. But like all the fashion wins that we love and share with others, fashion fails can be equally loved and shared—but then laughed at a bit at how off the mark they are.

Take Olivia Skuce from Northern Ireland. The 21-year-old fashion lover bought a mesh crop top from PrettyLittleThings but, when trying it on, found there is one flaw that prevented her from parading it proudly around town—she couldn’t get it on as the neckline was too small.

Although Skuce initially thought she had ordered the wrong size or something from the kids section, she took to the clothing sites customer support section on Twitter to get the issue sorted out, but found A LOT of other people had the same issue.

In her initial tweet, Skuce said, “Hi ‪@OfficialPLT just wondering why your top won’t fit over my head”– @OliviaSkuce

This then brought on a flurry of supporters who, as mentioned, had experienced the same problem, with some also tweeting their failed attempts to put on the crop top.

Heather Platts, for example, tweeted, “‪@OliviaSkuce@OfficialPLT It’s a global problem” — @HeatherPlatts

Similarly, @itschloblow, @kristylocke_, and @Becca_Prichard shared their attempts, saying, “‪@OliviaSkuce@OfficialPLT @beckykellyx omg sameee”– @itschloblow, “Same b”– @kristylocke_, and “‪@OliviaSkuce@OfficialPLT @izzyferguson98 it’s the same one!!!!!”– @Becca_Prichard

So I guess if this fashion fail teaches us anything, it’s that you can’t always trust what you see on the internet or TV.

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