5 Ways To Inject Personality Into Your Style

What is your style?

Do your clothes reflect the person you really are? Sometimes we think we are portraying one thing while our outfit is actually saying something different.

If you think you are lacking style personality, here are 5 ways to inject your personality into your style today.

1. Wear What Feels Good

If you wear something that makes you feel good, you will hold yourself differently and portray a more confident, radiant version of yourself. If you don’t want to go and purchase something shiny and new, head to your wardrobe and find something in your favourite colour, throw on your favourite scarf or slip on your most special pair of shoes. Whatever it may be, if it makes you want to strut down a catwalk or bust-a-move in the ladies room, then this is what you need to be wearing!

2. Make a Statement

This doesn’t mean you need to wear a dress made from meat or a pointy cone bra. You can make your own statement – as loud or quiet as you like – by adding a beautiful piece of jewellery to complete your outfit. This could be a watch, necklace, layered bracelets or a show-stopping ring. It’s about adding an element of interest.

3. Find Your “Hero Piece”

You may have heard this buzzword being thrown around by stylists and magazines. A hero piece is something that your outfit can be created from, typically it’s a feature piece. For example you may have a long, architecturally cut top, this would be considered your hero piece. The rest of your outfit can now be simplified and minimalistic in a sense. Compliment it with a nude shoe and fitted peg leg pant and you’re out the door. It’s about having one thing stand out above the rest because of its beauty, cut, colour or design.

4. Get a Shoe

When you are having “one-of-those” days, there is nothing better than slipping on your favourite pair of shoes and having them fit like a glove. A shoe can change the whole look and feel of an outfit whether they be a chunky-heeled sandal, knee-high boot or sexy stiletto. A lot can be said for a great shoe and they are the perfect way to inject a bit of your personality into an outfit without having to go out of your way to think about it.

5. Get Creative

If you’re up for a little bit of a challenge and want to try out something different, then why not try the new season trends, fashion colours or go for a label you’ve never tried before. Be open to the process and allow yourself time to play, you may love it! Prefer to stay in your comfort zone? Then why not play with what you have. Try layering your jewellery, wearing a summer dress in winter or even wearing an old wardrobe favourite with something you’ve never tried before.

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