New female Only Taxi Service to Hit Australia

There are hopes this ride sharing service will reduce the amount of women assaulted in Taxis and Ubers.

Women Taxi Service,, crowd ink, crowdink
Women Taxi Service (source: SheBah)

Women around Australia rejoice as they will soon be receiving a new ride-sharing service for women, by women.

The service titled ‘Shebah’ will create an all-female network of drivers and passengers, ensuring the safety of both.

The creator is George McEncroe, a single mother of four who was concerned for her 19 year old daughter’s safety.

“Young women all know what it’s like – they always have to check the number plates, check the rego, and keep an eye out on each other. We’ve all heard the stories.” She said.

And unfortunately a lot of women feel this way.

A recent report entitled “Right to the Night” found that one third of young Australian women do not think they should be in public spaces at night. A quarter believe they should not take public transport alone.

This ride sharing service will eliminate the fear of harassment and abuse many women face with a ride sharing service.

The drivers are female only, including transgender women, and must go through rigorous background checks and obtain a working with children check. They are able to keep 85% of the fares with flexible hours to suit the driver.

Coming To Melbourne. Women Only Taxi Services,, crowd ink, crowdink
Coming To Melbourne. Women Only Taxi Services (source: SheBah)

The passengers are also female only, with the exception of sons under the age of 18 travelling with their mother. Cars will also include booster seats for young children and baby capsules for infants.

If a man tries to enter the car, the policy is to cancel the trip and charge them a cancellation fee.

McEncroe has said she has been overwhelmed with the amount of stories of women being assaulted in taxis and Ubers.

She stays motivated by the number of girls who write to her saying, “this is going to change my life”.

The website is currently letting women sign up for early access, or become a driver.

With more than 1,400 applications so far McEncroe says she hopes it will change the employment landscape for many Australian women.

Currently only 2.4% of taxi drivers and 12% of Uber drivers are women. It’s got the stamp of approval by Daniel Andrews and is set to come to Australia in February.