Do You Know Coffee Culture?

But first, let me espresso my feelings for coffee.

Types of Coffee, crowdink, crowd ink,,
Types of Coffee

After moving to Melbourne, Australia a few years back, I got pretty much immersed in their coffee culture. I am literally in love with the smell of freshly ground coffee! I could spend hours at a café enjoying my coffee and my read of the day. Trust me, I am caffeine obsessed!

THREE Melb Coffees [image source: Rachel Loo], crowd ink, crowdink,,
THREE Melb Coffees [image source: Rachel Loo]
Before this bizarre coffee craze took over, my knowledge of coffee was limited. I only drank coffee to

  1. Stay awake
  2. Get me through the day
  3. Blend in with the ongoing coffee culture.

However, I started to enjoy coffee as I found out more about it. During one of my courses in uni last year, I did a short video based on ‘Specialty Coffee in Melbourne’ and that’s how I found out about different types of coffee.

Types of Coffee, crowdink, crowd ink,,
Types of Coffee

I usually order mocha, because it gives me a kick of chocolate. Caffeine and chocolate? It’s the best of both worlds! I would be on cloud nine if I were served a cup of mocha with extra chocolate powder or sprinkles on top! ‘Espresso-ing’ my inner kid cravings, how satisfying!

Coffee Comic [image source: Octopuns], crowdink, crowd ink,,
Coffee Comic [image source: Octopuns]
So what’s your type of coffee? Enjoy your daily grind peeps, I love you a latté!

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Rachel is currently studying at RMIT University, majoring in broadcast media. She did some film documentaries and live productions during her course and fell in love with anything related to lights, camera, and action! She is developing her interest on social media and wants to be a part of the fast-paced digital world. She is a food lover, caffeine addict, and has a massive obsession with airplanes.