5 Moments Just for National Siblings Day

Happy National Siblings Day! Let’s take a look at some of the moments you can only share with the people who have been there from Day 1.

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National Siblings Day

Happy National Siblings Day! Love them, hate them, appreciate them, take them for granted. Our sisters and brothers have either been there from our Day 1 or we’ve been there from their Day 1.

And that comes with a lot of stuff. As we get older, we start to drop away easy definitions of relationships. That includes how we define ourselves in relation to little bro and big sis.

We lose our sense of which sibling is the smart one, the pretty one, the rebel, the golden child, Mom’s favorite, the sporty one, and the tattle-tale. Our siblings grow into full-blown people who consistently shatter our beliefs about our partners-in-dinner-table-debate.

And that’s a good thing. Even when my brother or sister does something I completely and utterly disagree with, there’s a teeny tiny voice behind my ear that goes, “look at them grow. Look at them make their own choices, their own mistakes, and teach you something.

So in honor of those relationships, let us take a look at some of the moments you can only share with siblings.

1. Mom/Dad/Parent is wrong, we both know it, but we will take the knowledge of this wrongness to our graves:

2. Sibling has been listening to you talk trash for 18 years and just can’t take it anymore. They storm into the house to tell Mom/Dad/Parent:

3. You’ve hit 20 years old, it’s the day before Mom/Dad/Parent’s birthday, and all three of you are broke as hell. But you’ve also all finally realized just how expensive ya’ll were to raise. Noggins together, group prayer, and start searching couches for quarters:

4. Sibling has not heeded your sage advice on romance/finance/giving a second chance/interpretive dance. And now they’re regretting it.

5. And my personal favorite moment: The Weird. It’s a handshake, catchphrase, in-joke, or vaguely tribal dance that you’ve all been doing since before you can remember. It was cute when ya’ll were in primary school, something you pretended to forget in high school, and something you’ll whisper or gesture to each other after a drink or two at family reunions for the rest of your lives. Hold on to The Weird. You’ll never find anything like it with anyone else.

So what’s your Weird? Do you have a ritual of sorts that only your siblings are in on? Comment below and let us know!

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Sam Ferrante is a poet, editor, facilitator, and writer born on Long Island, college-fed in Western New York and Paris, and then poetically raised in Buffalo, NY; Ireland; and Australia. A former member of the Pure Ink Poetry team in Buffalo and a regular competitor in Dublin's Slam Sunday, Sam was a Co-Creative Producer at Melbourne-based Slamalamadingdong in addition to serving on the Melbourne Spoken Word Committee. Sam has been published in Ghost City Press, Blowing Raspberries, and The Dirty Thirty Anthology and has been featured at The Owl & Cat Session, La Mama Poetica, Girls on Key, and White Night 2016 among others. Her debut book of poetry, Pick Me Up, got rave reviews from her Mom. She is currently the Editor of CrowdInk.