4 Step Espresso Martini for Dummies

All you need are a few quality liquors and a good attitude.

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Simple Martini Creation (source: Where To Tonight)

Cocktails are expensive. I usually budget one when I’m out and then call it a night, or a day, depending on how lonely I am at the time.

If you love cocktails but don’t love the price tag that comes with them, then take a leaf out of my book and mix your own up at home to enjoy before you head out! Genius.

Here is a delicious recipe for the ever popular espresso martini, fusing caffeine and alcohol into one hell of a ride- you’ll never spend big on them again.

Ingredients per serve:

  • One shot Kahlua
  • One shot vodka
  • One shot espresso
  • Ice
  • Martini shaker
  • A good attitude


1.To create your decadent bevo, assemble everything in your shaker

2. Proceed to shake for about one minute (ensuring the lid is securely sealed)

3. Pour

4. If want to get really jazzy on it then you can sprinkle some coffee beans on top. God you are classy and I have always loved that about you.

Concluding chat:

Making the beverage at home will save you big time- invest in the core ingredients and your liquors should yield about 20 martinis. Delish.

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