Giving Your Body a Post-Holiday Detox

3 tips on how to purify your body after overindulging at Christmas time.


Do you still feel weighed down from Christmas dinner? Want to get rid of the food baby you’ve developed from eating all of the chocolates littering your house? Reset your health by reading on for 3 handy hints on how to purify your body in time for the new year.

Learn to love liquids

There’s a reason the Lemon Detox was such a huge hit among customers, but instead of opting for purchasing the pack, make your own drink by mixing warm water with lemon juice, cayenne pepper and even a hint of natural maple syrup to drink in the mornings, as this will help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body.

Nature really does offer the best solutions for our tummy woes so whip together some coconut water with fresh cucumber, celery, silver beet, kale and even mint for an invigorating green smoothie to enjoy at lunchtime. There’s always room to get creative with your flavour combinations, even adding some juiced fruits or berries. Including turmeric to your smoothie can also help to detoxify the liver.

Trade in your coffee for a tea infused with detoxifying ingredients like peppermint, fennel and ginger, along with a hint of honey, to ease discomfort and cleanse your body.

Filter your food

We can only live on liquids for so long, however when incorporating solids, try to steer clear of flour, refined sugars and dairy products to instead base your diet around vegetables and lean proteins like chicken and fish for a thorough cleanse from your holiday binge.

Eating fermented foods also helps with breaking down carbohydrates, so infuse your diet with pro-biotic rich foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi and yoghurts with live active cultures to feel lighter and restore gut health.

The Wonders of Water

Christmas has a way of throwing our glass of water to cocktail ratio completely out of whack, so one of the simplest and most effective ways to aid an effective post-holiday cleanse is to make water your best friend.

Have a drink bottle with you at all times and keep refilling it to remind yourself to remain hydrated, aiming to drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres a day as this aids in digestion, reduces bloating and flushes out toxins.