This YouTube Channel Will Entertain You for Hours

Barbie Press [image source:], crowd ink, crowdink,,
Barbie Press [image source:]

Ever wondered what would happen when you crush a group of gummy bears? How about a rubber duck? A bowling ball? No? Neither have we, actually. But we’ve found a collection of videos that shows you exactly what happens.

On the Hydraulic Press YouTube channel, there are over 30 videos of different objects being crushed in a hydraulic press. In case you were wondering, hydraulic presses are basically machines capable of huge compressive forces. And so, naturally, there’s someone out there doing what anyone would do if they also had a big mashing machine – put all of their stuff in it to see what happens.

The page has been running for about seven months, and we’re pretty sure that the guy behind it is running out of money. Among other things, he’s crushed a watch, a TV, a phone, a camera and, just recently, a diamond. Still, we’re hoping it continues in the name of science so that we can keep up with our (newly invented) Hydraulic-Press-Tuesdays.

We’ve picked a couple of our favourite videos for you to watch below:

Sorry if that one made you flinch – we forgot to warn you. This next one is a lot more satisfying.

Now you’re all sorted for your next train ride, movie night, or hard-core procrastination session. You’re welcome.