Vanessa Amorosi Alleges Mother’s Control Over Finances, Sparks Legal Battle for Property Ownership


Vanessa Amorosi, the Australian performer, has made a startling claim that her mother, Joyleen Robinson, allegedly took control of her finances early in her career, ostensibly to safeguard her interests. At 42 years old, Amorosi is now pursuing a legal battle in the Victorian Supreme Court to regain full ownership of two properties acquired during her successful career.

One of these properties is an eight-hectare estate in Narre Warren, located in Melbourne’s southeast, while the other is her current residence in California. During her testimony in court, Amorosi repeatedly paused to wipe away tears and regain her composure.

Amorosi revealed that her mother, Robinson, had consistently advised her not to trust anyone else with her financial affairs due to concerns about potential financial exploitation. As a result, a trust was established in 1999, managed by Robinson, which channeled all of Amorosi’s income from record sales, royalties, and tours.

Approximately $650,000 from this trust was used to purchase the Narre Warren property in 2001, with Robinson’s name being added to the title as a joint owner without Amorosi’s prior knowledge. In 2005, Amorosi acquired another property in Officer, financed through a trust managed by her mother, even though she was earning millions. She further disclosed that she had signed mortgages and guarantees at her mother’s request without seeking financial advice.

Subsequently, Amorosi relocated to California for career prospects and to be with her partner, securing the mortgage for her California home with the Narre Warren and Officer properties, along with two residential units. Her understanding was that the Officer property and units would be sold to offset the mortgage, but this did not transpire. Consequently, she had to sell her Californian home in 2014 due to financial constraints.

Amorosi’s attempts to address her financial concerns with her mother led to a falling out and the initiation of legal action. This case sheds light on complex financial dynamics and trust issues within families, highlighting the need for transparency and professional financial guidance.