2015’s Best Alternative/Rock Music Videos


A bizarre thought occurred to me a few days ago, during one of my frequent idle lapses. I stared at my calendar and released it was incorrectly informing me that it was September. As unsettling as the thought may be, we have in actual fact, for several days now embarked upon some serious October terrain. This presumably sub-conscious September nostalgia triggered some considerable pondering and although we are still a few months shy from the culmination of 2015, I thought it was as good a time as any to take a look back at some of 2015’s best alternate/rock music videos.

If a combination of Sticky Fingers and Tame Impala electrify your body with orgasmic chills, you will worship this list.

  1. Watching Tame Impala’s Cause I’m a Man music video makes me feel like I’ve jumped aboard the Tardis and ended up in 2050 or beyond. The slow psychedelic lyrics combined with the amorphous figures dancing and falling amid a myriad of blue and red generates an air of futurism which contradicts their prominent 60’s and 70’s sytle inspiration. The continuous spinning and movement of colour pixels near induces a sense of vertigo which makes the viewer feel like they are about to float out of their chair and suddenly tip themselves into a void 40 years from now. A definite watch for any fan.
  2. Ghost Poet’s Off Peak Dreams is another definite video gem of 2015. The footage walks us through the daily life of the videos protagonist, waking up, catching trains, at work and wandering the streets. The monotone lyrics combined with the visuals offer an accurate representation of city living and reminds us how easy it can be to fall victim to routine. The clip is relatable, particularly when the protagonist releases his account has been overdrawn. We almost feel like we know his story and his troubles. One to definitely get you thinking.
  3. As a relatively new fan to Ryley Walker I thought it was fitting to include a little number by the man himself. Walkers Primrose Green steps things down a notch and takes us to the country side. The strong acoustic sound and honest lyrics are complimented by footage of Walker wandering farmlands. His quirky style emanates and the lyrics are slow and sweet. If you feel like mixing up your usual audio playlist, this charming video is sure to do just that.
  4. Sticky Fingers are in a ‘Dreamland’ alright and the music video for Drealand transports you right there with them. The lyrics are snappy and sure to get you dancing, just like any other Sti Fi song would. A cartoon like rail way track interposed with walking hotdogs, skeletons and intermittent flashes of colour definitely give you the sense that you are on a journey through their Dreamland. This creative little number will instantly trip you out and puts you right there with the boys these, joining in on their party.
  5. Sydney boys Sticky Fingers have aced it again with a killer music video for Velvet Skies, which oozes endless portions of imagination. I couldn’t help but to include two tracks in this list because the boys are on absolute fire this year, and what better way to celebrate the release of their new single this week than to take a look back on some of their previous videos? The mellow vibes and catchy lyrics of Velvet Skies transport fans to a bizarre paradoxical universe of space and desert. Dylan Frost’s space suit and guest singer Lyall Moloney’s blue body paint, alien costume might cause confusion for those unacquainted with the bands antics, but diehard fans will lap up the tunes crazy mix of obscurity and blissed out vibes. It’s funny and entertaining. Sti Fi’s imagination level is definitely peaking here.



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