Yummy, Healthy, and Fun Snacks for Kids

Every meal or snack is a great opportunity to help your child re-nourish and thrive.

Yummy, Healthy and Fun Snacks for Kids, www.crowdink.com
Yummy, Healthy and Fun Snacks for Kids

Kids grow fast. Their brains are developing and their bodies are constantly building new tissues. This requires building blocks, the kind that only nutritious food can provide.

Every meal or snack is a great opportunity to help your child re-nourish and thrive.

Meals should be prepared using wholesome and nutrient dense ingredients. Your family can still enjoy treats. Its not what a food is that makes it bad or good, but rather how we grow and process it. Cookies or cake made at home with children helping, using real food and wholesome ingredients are not only delicious and fun, but help create a healthy food culture at home, where food is not labeled good nor bad, but where good sustainable habits are formed and nourishing meals are celebrated.

Inspiring children to eat healthy isn’t always easy and can require a little creativity.

TIP #1

Turn it into a game! Making up a big plate of colourful fruit and veggie pieces and having kids count all the different colours works really well, so does describing the flavors with one word. More often than not, if they have one bite, they will continue eating the veggie in question! #mummywins

Another great benefit of the color/flavor game? Plant food of intense color (red, orange, and purple, green) has a high nutrient profile and is loaded with antioxidants.

TIP #2

Put it on a stick. Works wonders at birthday parties, will work wonders at home. All you need is wooden skewers and a bowl of fruit cut into pieces. Kids can go ahead making and then eating their creations. You could go one step further and sprinkle it with “snow” made of desiccated coconut or serve it with my chocolate ganache for dipping.

Recipe: http://www.justynakalka.com.au/blog/2014/08/super-charged-chocolate-ganache

TIP #3

Blend it up! You can sneak in an abundance of nutritious goodies into a smoothie. That’s a little trick I use at home all the time. You can call it something fun too, like green monster or peanut butter fool. I sneak in some chlorophyll or chlorella powder into my green monster and probiotic powder into my peanut butter fool! Warning: you may enjoy this little game a bit too much, once you see how effective it can be. Importing super nutrition without a visa into your child’s menu? FUN! #mummywinsagain

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Justyna Kalka is a qualified nutritionist, professional speaker and health educator who specialises in promoting optimal health through wholesome, nutrient dense food and movement. She is also Zak Australia’s brand ambassador and nutritionist. Zak Australia- www.zakau.com.au