Why is the New Netflix Show Emily in Paris SO Bingeable?

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Why is the New Netflix Show Emily in Paris SO Bingeable?

The latest hit television series, staring Lily Collins brought to you by Netflix has either got us finishing all ten episodes in the span of two days or others cringing on the inside. Why is this show so bad but so good and why is it the entertainment we all need right now?

Quite honestly, I started this show on Monday – it’s now Wednesday and I only have two episodes remaining. I am the one that is secretly, no actually openly loving this show. But why on earth have I been able to finish this show faster than the novel I started last month? Well, it seems to be that creator of Sex and the City, Darren Star, has given us source of a pick-me up and the light heartedness that we are all seeking to consume right now.

Although some critics have picked the show apart saying it is full of old-dated clichés and others arguing it is ‘nothing like Paris one bit’. It is hard not to enjoy the vibrant, slightly fantastical story-line of marketing consultant, Emily Cooper, living out her dreams as the new creative director of various luxurious brands in a boutique Paris marketing firm.  

It is currently, number one across Netflix, making it one of the most binge-worthy shows on this year’s release list. The series has a classic love dilemma, beautiful fashion, great Parisian views and the rise of the underdog in the form of Emily Cooper who is initially disliked by her colleagues and cannot speak a word of French upon her arrival.

The character’s unwavering determination to overcome any obstacle that is thrown at her is something that every audience member would greatly admire in these turbulent times. Despite what can be described as her brash American confidence, this protagonist is humorous, great to follow and a wardrobe we would all die for. If you are looking to fill that Carrie Bradshaw hole in your life like I have been, this series is for you.

This show fills everyone’s void and desire for travel as we can vicariously live through this fictional character and all of her adventures in Paris.