What Your Cocktail Order Says About you

Ever wondered how your drink order may sum you up?

What Your Cocktail Order Says About you

So many cocktails, where do we begin? Let’s find out what a few of them say about the person ordering them.


You’re a little bit fancy. You love going to events and have a great sense of style.


You love a night out with your friends. You are a fan of 90’s shows and movies and have a sweet tooth.

Old Fashioned

You are an intelligent and respected individual. You’ll never go out of style.

Pina Colada

You’re always in vacation mode. You love to treat yourself and have a good time and so you should.

Long Island Ice Tea

You don’t mess around. You may not always know what you want but you will have fun figuring it out.


You are the life of the party and everyone knows it. You bring good vibes wherever you go.

Bloody Mary

You’re a wild one. You are not afraid to try new and different things and you have a great sense of adventure.

Gin & Tonic

You are a minimalist with a good network around you. Classy vibes.

Vodka Soda

You’re a smart one. You are invested in health and wellbeing and you are always looking out for your friends when they need you.