Weekend Reminder: You Deserve Amazing

Hey. Before you head out for date night or a massive night with your friends, do yourself a favor and read this.

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Weekend Reminder: You Deserve Amazing

People have a tendency to get comfortable; we can settle in careers, or dreams, and circumstance can demand that we put aspirations on hold. However, sin of sins (in my books) is the universal truth that people stay in painful, unfulfilling relationships just to avoid the pain of being alone. Our soul begs for more, but the mind is yet to catch up to the heart.

We forget that being single is infinitely better than being in an unhappy relationship. We forget that whoever we choose to spend our time, or even our life with, is one of the most important decisions any of us make. We forget what we deserve, and what we deserve is someone who makes our heart sing, someone who makes us think “damn, I’m lucky” and in turn, who feels the same way about us.

We forget we deserve someone who inspires us and prompts us to grow, not because it is demanded, but rather because it’s a byproduct of being in the right person’s company.

We forget that in times of crisis, in the face of loneliness, we have the capacity for great soul-shaking love. If that’s what we actively choose, chase, and accept.

The cliché is true that we accept what we think we deserve. What we need to remember is that we deserve to be with someone who makes it known that they want to be with us. We deserve someone who communicates this, with actions that match their words, and doesn’t let us forget it. They’re the person you get a dorky smile about when you describe them to your family and friends, and they are proud to welcome you into their life, too. The right person values you and doesn’t stray because they’re too concerned with showing you love and considering your feelings to think about anyone else. The right person makes you a priority because you’re worth it.

Yes, you deserve amazing.

Amazing means that you will share dreams and support each other’s goals. I know that I want someone to hold my hand while I try to change the world in my own way, and I will want to hear about my person’s bad days even if I can’t do anything about it other than tell them that it matters to me to know about it. Amazing also means the little things; like getting a stupid smile when you receive a message from them, or them listening to songs you send and wondering what mood you’re in.

Amazing doesn’t mean you don’t fight or disagree, or even hate each other at times, but that’s another train of thought.

It is simple isn’t it? The truth is, the right person simply wants to make it work, shows up, and makes us feel special. Do not settle for someone who treats you like an afterthought, but for someone who does everything they can to make room for you in their lives. We need more than just people to get through life with; we need people who will challenge, love and appreciate us and in turn we need people who we’re genuinely excited to be with. They deserve that, too.

Anything less than amazing just isn’t enough.