Vegan High Tea at The Mamor

By Jolene Phay

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Mamor Chocolates & High Tea

Why go sugar-free when you can have high tea?

Vegan food may be widely available in Melbourne, but vegan high tea is virtually unheard of. Imagine my surprise (and utter delight) when I discovered that Mamor Chocolates offers just that – a 3-course vegan high tea!

Mamor owner and pastry chef, Janet McKenzie, says she introduced the vegan menu because she didn’t want to exclude anyone from the social, indulgent high tea experience, simply due to dietary restrictions.

Our lovely host Cindy, presented the first course on a two-tiered stand: the bottom layer featured smashed chickpea and beetroot pies and pickled slaw sandwiches with roasted zucchinis, while parmesan shortbreads with capsicum jam lay on top. The pies were the standout item – pairing legumes and beetroot with a buttery crust made a most flavourful combination.,, crowd ink, crowdink,, First Course (Image Source: Jolene Phay)
First Course (Image Source: Jolene Phay)

Next up were scones (made with lemonade, thus super light and fluffy!) with vegan clotted cream and a selection of jams made in-house, and peanut caramel and pistachio macarons. To replace egg whites, the macaron shells were made with aquafaba, aka the liquid in canned chickpeas! Simply brilliant!,, crowd ink, crowdink,, Second Course Hight Team (Image Source: Jolene Play)
Second Course Hight Team (Image Source: Jolene Play)

I sipped on some refreshing house-made chocolate peppermint black tea between courses to clear my palate and found that the mintiness helped tremendously with my digestion.

For dessert, I had a hazelnut rocher covered with cacao paste, carrot cake with vegan cream cheese dressing and, served in a quaint little dessert cup, dark chocolate crème patissiere with a strawberry compote base.,, crowd ink, crowdink,, Desserts - Vegan on the far left (Image Source: Jolene Phay)
Desserts – Vegan on the far left (Image Source: Jolene Phay)

Vegan desserts are usually a hit or miss – at Mamor, it’s a huge hit! That, and the impeccable service, makes this cosy joint one of my new favourite dining spots in Melbourne.

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Hungarian for ecstasy, this decadent venue displays its intention in every single detail of your experience. You’ll be transported far from its Collingwood location once you enter the doors, to dine on plush velvet furniture, fine antique china, with silverware, and linens to match. Not just high tea but an intimate experience for you and your friends. As the new owner of Mámor Chocolates & High Tea Szalón, Pastry chef Janet McKenzie is right at home, surrounded by antiques, beautiful fine china, patisseries and chocolate. Our full indulgent 3 course high tea is just that, so ensure you have a light breakfast. Originally a Hungarian inspired menu has evolved to a high quality traditional menu crafted by Janet McKenzie. Assisted by French pastry chef Chris who handcrafts each petit four with a strict rule of all food being made fresh onsite, including our artisanal chocolate range. Vegan, gluten free, fructose free, and all dietary requirements are well catered for. Our aim is to create the same experience for everyone, so no one feels left out