Travelling With Pets? Do We Have the Holiday for You.

Looking for the best snow holiday for your family and furry friends? Look no further than the Victorian Alpine Region!

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Kerry Martin

A few years ago, I spent Christmas in the US and noticed the number of dogs that were out and about playing in the snow. This instantly made me want to take Keiko, my dog, to the snow in Australia, so I researched and found the ideal location.

That’s how I, my husband, and our two dogs, Summer and Keiko, wound up in the Victorian Alpine region six months later. And we had the most amazing experience.

As a pet photographer, I’m always looking for exciting locations, incredible opportunities, and ways of highlighting the different aspects of dog personalities that new environments bring out. We visit the snow regularly to enjoy some time with our dogs and to let them enjoy exploring the landscape in the snow and to get some amazing photography while we’re there.

I now hold Aussie Snow Dog Retreats where owners can bring their dogs to the snow for a unique photography session.

We had (and still have) loads of fun in the region. How could we not with activities like hiking, sledding, and even snow ball fights on the menu? And of course, I love taking photos of the dogs jumping and playing in the snow.

Here are just a few travelling pet owner’s tips for the snow:

  • Ensure your dog is well groomed before visiting the snow – for warmth
  • Obtain a permit for your dog to visit the area
  • Make sure your dog has an ID tag or is microchipped
  • Consider cold safety practices
  • You may want to purchase travel gear for your dog to keep them safe and warm at the snow – eg. travel safety harness and reflective gear.

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Kerry Martin is a passionate dog lover that believes that our lives are enhanced by the unconditional love of our dogs. Fur-mum to Japanese Spitz, Keiko and Border Collies, Summer and Rosie, Kerry calls Melbourne home after living - and photographing - many places around Australia. Kerry feels privileged to be able to combine her love of dogs with her love of photography and share in the lives of the families she photographs. Kerry is the 2015 Australian Pet/ Animal Photographer of the Year. In addition to being a renowned Australian photographer, Kerry is also the Editor of Puppy Tales, a leading Australian dog blog that helps others live their best lives with their dogs.