Top 10 Adventure Holidays to Experience in 2016

Here is a selection of some of the experiences that we have arranged for those seeking a holiday with a difference.

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Nile Cruises (Image Source:

Although many people are happy to venture no further than a gorgeous beach, swaying palms, and plenty of tropical sunshine, an increasing number are looking for more exciting ways to travel. At The Ultimate Travel Company our consultants have been responding to a new wave of enquiries from travellers wanting their holidays to offer more than the classic ‘fly and flop’ getaway. Here is a selection of some of the experiences that we have arranged for those seeking a holiday with a difference.

  1. Iran

Overtures of friendship, the opening of embassies and the visit of John Kerry has put Iran on the map. You’ll be one of the first visitors.

Insider tip: Nothing is quite as exotic as shopping in the old bazaars lining the Silk Roads that dissect the country.

  1. A Cruise on the Nile in Egypt

Visit ancient sites in the cool of the morning and late afternoon. Then sip hibiscus tea on the deck as your boat drifts past scenes unchanged since Biblical times.

Insider tip: The Sofitel in old Cataract has some of the best views of the Nile. Be sure to admire the sunset from the terrace, whilst enjoying a drink.

  1. Antarctic or Arctic

Poles apart, the two ends of the earth are the planet’s final frontiers.

Insider tip: Tell work that you won’t be contactable whilst you are away, not only is Wi-Fi access minimal you will want to spend all your time taking in everything going on around you.

  1. Sailing the Indonesian Islands

Aboard Tiger Blue, a 34m traditional teak yacht with billowing red sails with diving with manta rays, kayaking over coral gardens, fishing for tuna, and bonfires on the beach under the heavenly constellations among the options.

Insider tip: For snorkellers or divers, Komodo is one of the best places on the planet. The islands are easily accessible by a one hour flight from Bali.

  1. RTW Cruise

Can’t make your mind up where to go on holiday? Then tackle the world on a 3 month circumnavigation on one of a choice of ships.

Insider tip: Choose to cruise Australia’s Kimberley region and you can also enjoy a heli-picnic.

  1. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

If you’ve watched Sir David Attenborough’s 3 part BBC series you’ll have already added these underwater wonders to your wish list.

Insider tip: The best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef is from June to November, when the weather is mild and visibility is generally good. Avoid visiting from December to March when northern Queensland has a wet season.

  1. Trans-Siberian Railway

2016 marks the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Russian Trans-Siberian link between Moscow and Vladivostok. Experience the world’s longest train journey in luxury aboard the Golden Eagle.

Insider tip: Don’t stray too far from the train at station stops as most stops don’t exceed 20 minutes.

  1. Cuba

Go before the impending US invasion. It’s a great country to explore a deux.

Insider tip: For unspoilt beaches take a 30 minute drive from Baracoa on the Eastern tip of the island to Playa Maguana.

  1. Tanzania

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is not easy, so the sense of achievement would be amazing – that summit selfie will make the effort so worthwhile. And you won’t need ropes and crampons.

Insider tip: For a totally remote and raw safari experience spend time in Katavi National Park with its huge herds of wildlife.

  1. New Zealand

This global hub of adrenaline action is Queenstown on South Island. The first bungee jump happened here but the menu has expanded to include giant swings, zip rides, heli skiing, white water rafting, river surfing, paragliding.

Insider tip: Skiing fanatic? For those looking for some serious skiing thrills, venture to Queenstown on New Zealand’s South Island where you can explore resorts such as Coronet Peak and Remarkables Ski Field.

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