The Beauty of Capturing Your Life on Film

Film is not a piece of outdated technology

The Beauty of Capturing your Life on Film

We lead a life that very rarely slows down. The immediacy of our phones, the internet and the ability to take a digital photo in one snap and see those photographs instantly is a phenomenon in itself, however, sometimes we crave for a little less speed and rapidness in our lives. A film camera allows you to slow down, take a snap and wait patiently for that memory to come back to you.

The beauty of capturing your life and moments on film is one that has become increasingly trending in the past year with more and more people investing in point and shoot cameras. The new age where people are taking up film again are those that may long for a process that isn’t rushed and fast paced. But is slow, steady and one that may take weeks. It is the process of buying the film, winding the camera, finishing that roll of film, developing, printing and then sharing it with your friends and family. The fixed restriction of only having a certain amount of shots, makes you stop and think to ensure you get the perfect composition and not waste a snap.

Film can be dynamic. It’s texture and colours are something that can only be replicated using a film camera. The advent of film brought raw imperfections and a certain desired aesthetic that can only be achieved on film.

Film also allows you to be different in how you capture your memories and moments. It portrays a different story to the typical iphone snap. The memories that are taken on film are far more meaningful and special due to their ability to slow down their photographer, take a quick photo and continue to enjoy the moment that they are in.