The 7 Types of Friends You Just Don’t Need

Friends are great! But with so many people in the world, we’re allowed to be choosy about who we keep around.

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Bad Friends

In this fast-moving world, we meet a lot of people. When I say a lot, I mean a whole lot! When everything seems to be so busy, no one actually has the time to stop by, pause, and reflect upon certain things or appreciate the number of people we meet and get to be with every single day.

However, not all people we meet are always someone we ought to be thankful for. Sometimes, we meet those who make our lives worse in some way.

In fact, it is not the people that we dislike, but their character as a human being. In my life, there were times when I thought I regretted meeting certain people who just made me think negatively about myself, the world, God.

So I’ve broken it down. Here are the types of people we wish we had never met (and should probably move away from.)

People I Wish I Never Met:

The Bossy

Bossy people tend to always like being in control of others. Truth is, being controlling is not always bad. Sometimes, it’s overdoing it that creates the problem which makes a bossy person hated. They’re the ones who just like being followed by others, but never heed suggestions or advice that may be helpful from others.

The Choosy

I guess we have all come across people who like choosing who they get acquainted with. It hurts a lot to see that even if they do see you, they just pretend they don’t. They may refer a lot to the social status of someone before they get in a conversation. They may act sweet around others, but never to you. Finally, when they have no one to talk to, expect that they’ll be the first ones striking up a conversation with you.

The Moody

This type of person always gets the better of me. At times, they act fine and do portray good qualities, but other days, the mood can quickly change from better to bad in a split second!

The Judgmental

We often struggle dealing with these kinds of people. They’re the ones who may often cast a glance at you and maybe eye you from top to bottom – no matter if you already notice them doing so. I just can’t imagine how they are able to do that without paying a little respect to the person they’re look at. They also may talk about someone else rather judgmentally. Sometimes, they tend to insert opinions that are definitely not wanted.

The Greedy

Among all of these types of people I wish I never knew, the one I absolutely hate the most is the greedy. It irks me that the word “share” isn’t available or doesn’t exist in their vocabulary. When I was younger, I remember asking a friend of mine for some chips when he instantly replied with a big fat NO as if sharing wasn’t an option. I don’t actually get how he could ever say no to sharing. Growing up, the thing that was always inserted on my brain was to share – no matter what. There were a few times when I got mad at my parents for sharing food we really needed with families in need. I remember reminding my dad that sometimes, it’s okay to say no, too. But I guess, it’s just me who thought so wrongly about sharing when it’s one of the greatest things a friend can do to help, especially to someone in need.

The Emo

Whew! Have you ever encountered people who kept on posting nothing, but emotional pictures on social media? Me too. It makes me even think of deleting them as friends. Just kidding! I mean, social media is a place where you can share your struggles FROM TIME TO TIME, but mostly about the good, inspiring, and encouraging times in your life. At times you get to see nothing but a good old quote about heartbreak. It is of course, on a case to case basis. Sometimes people do need some comfort and attention. That’s why they use social media to impart what they feel. But sometimes, it’s just too much for an average person to handle!

The Tactless

Last, but not the least, I wish I had never met tactless people. Although sometimes being tactless is the only way to prove a point, it can do more harm than good. Speaking frankly reflects someone’s mentality and humanity. Usually a lot of people don’t care as long as they get those words out of their mouths. They don’t bother to censor offensive or discourteous language. As the saying goes, “if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.” I guess it’s important to strive to live in peace and be considerate of how others would feel before arbitrarily saying something.

We too, admit it or not, have undesirable attitudes and personality issues occasionally. However, when things are crappy, we admit, we need friends, too. No man is an island ­–  no one is meant to live this life alone. Meet and keep people who just jump for joy whenever you jump for joy. Hold tight to those who cry whenever you’re hurt and who will just be there no matter what happens. These are the folks we all wish we knew. I just hope that someday, despite the imperfections and brutality of the world we live in, we make time to get close to people won’t make us feel unwanted. And keep them close.