Why Is Taylor Swift Creating A Blank Space On Social Media?

Could the pop star be readying herself to begin again in music?

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Taylor Swift

It’s a move that has baffled Swifties all around the world, but what exactly is the global superstar up to? Taylor Swift has been winding down her activity on social media for a while now, restricting her Instagram posts to promoting friends’ music and barely tweeting at all. But in a shock move, she and her team have now totally wiped her social media profiles altogether. That’s right – while she may still have 102 million followers on Instagram, all her posts have now been scrubbed (we’re guessing most likely archived) and everyone has been unfollowed. It’s the same situation on Twitter and the fans are ready to find out why.

With no new album in three years, many are speculating that this radio silence could be the calm before the release of Swift’s latest album. Her last release, 1989, won both Album and Record of the Year at the 2016 Grammys, so expectations for the new album are currently at an all-time high. Could this social media tactic be in preparation of a total image overhaul?

Others are still suggesting that this could be a move prior to Swift’s apparent enemy, Katy Perry, taking to the stage to host the VMAs. With Swift reconciling with Nicki Minaj at the VMAs a few years ago following a short-lived beef on Twitter, it could be the perfect stage for reconciliation and Swift might want to scrub any sign of bad blood off her account before that happens.

Here’s hoping she shakes it off and lets the cat out of the bag.