Sleek and Sustainable

Tesla is raising the bar, and the roof, with their new Solar Roof

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Tesla Solar Roof

This month, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, announced that the organisation’s Solar Roof is officially on the market, with his home being the first working prototype. Electricity prices have been rising steadily since 2015 and with July’s price jump, the announcement comes at a time when investing in long-term solutions to energy bills is more important than ever. If there’s one word to describe Tesla’s Solar Roof, long-term is it. The solar tiles are made from a tempered glass with three times the durability of standard roof tiles, not to mention the lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that they will last at least as long as your house.

These tech-savvy tiles don’t just give you complete independence from the expense and vulnerability of the power grid, but they look good too. So far, the designs include a sleek black tile with sharp edges and a matte black tile with rounded corners, but there are plans for Tuscan, a curved burnt sienna tile, and Slate, a square textured tile, in 2018.

Tesla’s Solar Roof is coming to Australia in 2018, but pre-order’s are already available. Exact pricing for Australia hasn’t been published yet, but estimations amount to around 2.5 times the price of replacing a normal roof. Pre-orders for 2017 in America sold out in just 16 days, so it’s reasonable to that, for most, it’s a price worth paying.

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