What the Shell? – Six Beach bag Musts you Can’t Forget

You’ve arrived at the beach only to realise you’ve forgotten something important at home, how annoying.

What to take to the beach (Image Source: Business Insider)
What to take to the beach (Image Source: Business Insider)

Finally you’ve made it, the drive in the traffic was worth it. Breathe in that fresh sea air and know that summer has arrived because you’re at the beach for a day full of fun with your friends.

You all make your way down to the sand in the effort of finding the best spot to park for the day.

The sand is hot and you’re jumping from one foot to the other to help avoid the burn when suddenly, it’s here, the perfect spot.

Excited to swim you begin rummaging through your bag in an effort to find your towel and claim your space on the golden grains below when you realise its not in there and you’ve left it at home…how annoying.

There’s something about that ocean breeze and scorching hot sand that draws us in every time and makes us travel that extra mile to spend the day lounging by the water’s edge.

But one of the worst things to realise upon arrival is that you’ve forgotten to pack one of the essentials in the midst of all the excitement.

So here are six beach bag essentials to make sure you never forget the basics again and have you swimming in no time.

  1. Towel

Okay, so this one might sound a little basic but you’d be surprised how many times I’ve been to the beach with my friends and they’ve realised they’ve left their towel at home.

This should be one of the first things to go into your bag so that you’re not left wet and lying on the sand.

  1. Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat

Sun protection, very important. If you know you are going to be in the sun for the majority of the day you should definitely have these items in your bag.

There’s no shame in covering yourself in sunscreen, in fact, you don’t want to be the one who ends up looking as red as a tomato or has the ‘cool’ sunglasses tan because I guarantee you’ll regret not applying when this happens to you.

  1. Waterproof speaker

Good music can add that extra something to your day, plus it can also be a way to drown out those neighbours who just keep talking.

Try making your very own summer playlist so that you can keep the relaxing vibe going all day long.

  1. Water

It is underestimated how much this is a necessity and often there aren’t many places within waking distance to buy some when you’ve parked on the beach. Swimming and lounging in the sun can make your body dehydrate at a quicker rate then normal. This is why it is important to keep sipping on fluids throughout the day to avoid getting sunstroke, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

  1. Entertainment

Whether it’s a soccer ball or a deck of cards, if everyone brings something to do you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on what activity to play if relaxing is not your style.

  1. Change of clothes

Think something to throw over your bathers. If you decide to go for a walk to get an ice cream or see more of the beach you may not want to do it in just your bathers, especially if you’re walking into shops.

So when the temperature rises and you find yourself in a mad rush to pack everything to make the most of your time, remember these six things and you’ll be sure to have a good time.