Podcasts for the Commute, Gym and YES – Lockdown

Whether you are currently on the train for your daily commute or are home alone working in lockdown, the rapid growth of podcasts has seen them to become a part of our everyday routine.

Podcasts for the Commute, Gym and YES – Lockdown

Personally, during this time in Melbourne’s Stage 4 lockdown I have found comfort in podcasts as they have become a way to make me be a part of new conversations without leaving my home and have prompted me to reflect and challenge my perspectives on current issues we face. So, here is a short list to get you plugged in.

Shameless is your go-to for your celebrity and pop culture fix. Hosted by Melbourne journalists Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews. These women take you on a deep dive on the top circulating pop-culture stories of the week and empowering interviews with highly influential individuals who also make appearances on our weekly news feeds. These conversations will leave you thinking deeply about the latest Bachelor episode, a member of Zara and Michelle’s friendship group and always wanting more.

Bobo and Flex
The Bobo and Flex podcast is powerful. It is thought-provoking and an honest discussion on the ways in which we can decolonise our everyday life, dissect feminism in the contemporary context and challenge our own perspectives. Bobo and Flex, is a podcast for those looking for enlightening and topical conversations but will also make you laugh out loud on your daily commute.

Wow – Alison Rice never fails to offer you candid, meaningful conversations with the women behind our favourite cult brands and social media accounts. Alison confronts the difficult questions we are sometimes afraid to ask ourselves and explores the concept of true self. Offline provides a moment for self-reflection, tranquillity and the challenges we face on our own journeys.

Listen up crime junkies – Casefile should be the thriller podcast you plug into. This true crime podcast really proves that ‘fact can be scarier than fiction’. This podcast will chill you to the core with detailed factual accounts of crimes that have left the world speechless but also curious.

The Daily
The New York Times podcast presents to you some of the most monumental stories we have encountered in our time. If you are looking for your dose of journalist news this is where you should be getting your fix. The Daily will provide you with a detailed insight into the most important stories of the day across the globe.

What’s been your go to podcast during lockdown?