How many Australians will Damage Their new Phones Within the First six Months?

New research reveals one in five new phones will be damaged before Easter 2017.

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Phone Water Damage

New research by tech21, the leader in impact protection for mobile devices, has revealed who not to trust with your new mobile phone purchase and some of the key reasons why. Unsurprisingly the first person not to trust is your own self, with over one in five Australians (21%) having damaged their mobile phone within the first six months of buying it.

The most common ways for people to damage their phone include dropping them on the floor (35%) and dropping them in water or spilling liquid on them (40%) — something the new water-resistant iPhone7 should help solve.

Other people (and animals) responsible for damaging phones include pets (6%), partners (11%) and kids (11%). However, it’s millennials, aged 18-35 years old, that are by far the least trustworthy, with over 50% having damaged their own mobile phone and 37% having done so in the first six months.

The most common instances of millennials breaking their phone include being under the influence of alcohol, dropping it in the toilet and when on holiday. Over one third (37%) of millennials also confessed to pranking a friend by using their mobile phone to update their social status. Another good reason not to trust a millennial with your mobile phone.

Even at home there’s distrust when it comes to mobiles, with Australians claiming to trust their partners with their kids more than with their mobile phones. Two in five people claim their partner to be clumsier than they are and 32 per cent have checked their partner’s phone without their knowledge. Families especially have a hard time protecting phones against kids, with only 5 per cent saying they’d trust their child with their phone and almost a quarter (23%) having purchased a fake phone to stop them breaking their own.

It seems there are many reasons to protect your phone, which is why tech21 continues to push the boundaries. Having introduced an all new 3 layer impact absorption system along with its scientifically proven material, FlexShockTM, an ultra-efficient impact absorbing material which dissipates impact force, preventing it from passing directly through to the device, tech21 remains the leader in impact protection. The revolutionary new design increases drop protection on some of the slimmest and best-selling lines by 50 per cent, enabling them to now withstand drops of up to 3 metres, plus anything your kid, partner, pet or nearest millennial can throw at it.

With this new range, tech21 has worked tirelessly to improve, re-design and refine every product to ensure they continue to offer market leading impact protection that doesn’t compromise phone performance. Each of these case collections has been rigorously tested to ensure perfect compatibility with the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. This guarantees a perfect fit, no loss in signal quality and no interference to Wi-Fi, mobile networks, Bluetooth syncing or features such as Apple Pay. Core functionality such as camera, acoustics and sensors (such as Touch ID) will work the same with the case on or off.

“When you choose to protect your new phone, iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus with a tech21 case we know you are trusting us with one of your most precious items. Mobile phones have become lifelines for personal and business use, so our mission is to ensure your phone has the best possible protection to keep it safe from everything life can throw at it.” said Colin Woodward, Global Marketing Director of tech21.

In the lead up to the iPhone 7 launch, tech21 has also been working with Jack Cooksey, the first person in line at the Perth Apple store during the iPhone 6 launch in 2014. Jack was made world famous when he dropped the phone live on national TV and is now working with tech21 to help ensure others don’t make the same mistake. Appearing at the Covent Garden Apple Store on Friday for the global launch of the iPhone 7, Jack educated others on the dangers of leaving your phone unprotected. Handing out tech21 cases to new iPhone owners, Jack hoped to earn back the trust of those around him with their mobile phone.