Made Up Make-up

Easy, ethical, and simple make-up you can make at home!

Made Up Make-up,
Made Up Make-up

Vegans are not the only people who would like to be able to pronounce every ingredient in the potions and lotions we’re putting on our faces. And nobody likes the idea of 500 chickens stuffed into cages being forced to wear lime green eyeliner, cherry red lipstick and other makeup. Homemade cosmetics help to avoid this issues – and it’s cheap!

Laying the Foundation

Don’t be intimidated by “arrowroot flour.” This is just a GMO-free version of corn starch, so if you’re not fussed, neither are we. This is a two-step process and in addition to being an ethical and cost-effective makeup choice, you avoid the trickery of finding a foundation that matches your skin tone. Make it yourself!

Bronzer, Contour, Blush

Let’s be honest. Bronzer, contour powder, and blush are the same cosmetics in different shades. This recipe is not only easy, but I guarantee you already have all of the ingredients or can grab them at your corner store.


Charcoal powder comes from charcoal capsules. Charcoal capsules are available at any chemist or drugstore as a digestion aid. Just pop open a few of the capsules and carefully dump the black powder into a clean, old makeup container. Add the mica powder of your color choice for shadow and then add the tiniest bit of water for eyeliner. Easy as pie.


Finish the look with lipstick. These crayon/oil lipsticks are quick and easily tailored to whatever color you’re looking for.

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Sam Ferrante is a poet, editor, facilitator, and writer born on Long Island, college-fed in Western New York and Paris, and then poetically raised in Buffalo, NY; Ireland; and Australia. A former member of the Pure Ink Poetry team in Buffalo and a regular competitor in Dublin's Slam Sunday, Sam was a Co-Creative Producer at Melbourne-based Slamalamadingdong in addition to serving on the Melbourne Spoken Word Committee. Sam has been published in Ghost City Press, Blowing Raspberries, and The Dirty Thirty Anthology and has been featured at The Owl & Cat Session, La Mama Poetica, Girls on Key, and White Night 2016 among others. Her debut book of poetry, Pick Me Up, got rave reviews from her Mom. She is currently the Editor of CrowdInk.