Those Little Cropped Fronts: Genevieve Engelhardt’s Photography Project

A photographic time warp.

Advertisement,, crowd ink, crowdink, Books, Buy & Sell by Genevieve Engelhart’s Photography
Books Buy & Sell by Genevieve Engelhardt Photography

Victorian photographer Genevieve Engelhardt’s Instagram account has recently become pic-assionate about her latest venture she’s titling Those Little Shop Fronts.

This project is a broad, rising collection of photos that aim to scout and survey vintage, retro and historical storefront architecture. With so many modern constructional developments cropping up, this collection was born out of an appreciation for “yesteryear” design.,, crowd ink, crowdink, Coin Laundry by Genevieve Engelhart’s Photography
Coin Laundry by Genevieve Engelhardt Photography

With an assortment of just over 60 photographs, the collection includes storefronts from both within Victoria and around Australia. Fronts described by Genevieve as primarily “old-school”, these photographed outlets encompass a host of businesses that include coin laundries, local restaurants, vintage record stores, garages and old-fashioned milk bars.,, crowd ink, crowdink, Greville Records by Genevieve Engelhart’s Photography
Greville Records by Genevieve Engelhardt Photography

The collection is not necessarily seeking to photograph the individuals who occupy these businesses, nor those who spend their hard-earnt dollars there, but rather their engaging outer appearance that, many moons ago, was considered contemporary and, later, influential. As a means of paying homage to the “old-world” architectural design, a large number of the photos incorporate bright, bold colour compositions and an offbeat perspective.,, crowd ink, crowdink, Prahran Auto by Genevieve Engelhart Photography
Prahran Auto by Genevieve Engelhardt Photography

Genevieve chose specifically to present the project to spectators via Instagram, primarily in the hopes of receiving an imminent reaction. The tangible nature of the social media platform makes the photographs readily accessible to viewers, who can submit an immediate, live response. She also admits it’s a useful outlet in this modernised age for building an artistic resume. Genevieve may even decide to turn the collection into a print publication in time.,, crowd ink, crowdink, Coin Laundry by Genevieve Engelhart’s Photography
Coin Laundry by Genevieve Engelhardt Photography

In addition to her Instagram project, Genevieve is looking to secure a stall at the Esplanade Markets during the spring/summer season, where her framed photographs, prints and greeting cards will be made available for purchase. While dates are still pending, you can remain up-to-date by following Genevieve on Facebook. Those Little Shop Fronts can be viewed in its (current!) entirety here and selected 6”x4” photographs from the collection can be purchased, framed or unframed, on Genevieve’s Shopify store. A host of previous photography collections can be viewed on her primary site here.

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Genevieve is a Melbourne based digital photographer who primarliy works in urban &natural landscapes and live music photography. She is inspired by her upbringing in area area fighting between the urban, human and natural environments. Having studied Graphic Arts and Multimedia & Digital Art, Genevieve’s real passion for photography started at while at University. The small amount of training propelled her to really hone her skills and begin life as a semi-professional photographer.