Katy Perry’s Got a Big New Role!

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Katy Perry (Image Source: Billboard)

The VMAs are a major night on the music award circuit, for pop stars and fashionistas alike. This year, on August 27th, Katy Perry will be hosting the star-studded event live from Inglewood, California. As one of the best-selling musicians of all time, and a VMA alumni, she’s more than equipped to host and we’ve got a few ideas as to what she might have in store for us!

Costume Changes

What’s an award’s night without a succession of costume changes? Perry, who is often seen in quirky, unconventional outfits, will no doubt follow in the footsteps of other recent presenters, and reappear in a few different – but equally fabulous – outfits. Coming off the back of neon hair, angel wings, and snowman costumes, we’re looking forward to seeing what Perry pulls off on the night.

A Killer Performance

With her own WITNESS tour set to get underway very soon, plenty of fans will be hoping to get a sneak preview of what’s to come. Always one to give enthusiastic, energy-driven performances, there’s little doubt that Perry will put her hosting duties on hold for a few minutes to give her fans what they’re waiting for, no doubt with another costume change thrown in for good measure!

Conflict Resolution

The VMAs are no stranger to the airing of dirty laundry – remember Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus a couple of years ago? Considering Perry’s past drama with a certain blonde haired pop starlet, Katy might take this opportunity to settle the bad blood once and for all. While it’s unclear whether or not Taylor Swift will appear at this year’s VMAs, Perry might take this opportunity to tell her side of the story.


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