A Guide to Wearing Pastels

Client Liaison Fashion Line (Image Source: music feeds.com), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowd ink, crowdink
Client Liaison Fashion Line (Image Source: music feeds.com)

Melbourne based indie-pop music sensation Client Liaison are set to release their own fashion label at the end of this week. Much like their sound, the collection (dropped 10th November in pop-ups as well as online) boasts a retro, pastel-heavy 80’s look that transcends current trends. Super short shorts, oversized tees and nifty little bum-bags all create a look similar to that of a nostalgic 80s pop film, where people are roller-skating down the main strips of beaches and playing Billy Idol and Duran Duran.

In honour of this exciting release, and in case you’re thinking of checking out the collection, we have created a brief rundown on how to own the pastel trend. Although the cool, soothing effects of pastel material may make you suggest otherwise, sporting pastel look is actually a rather adventurous and ambitious decision. It is not as simple as the slipping on of an easy monochrome look or simply combining a variety of nude and tan tones together. Pastel needs to be considerate, careful and well thought out. For a starting point, here are three tips to keep in mind when owning pastel.

  1. Don’t pair it with black.

It’s a common misconception sometimes that black matches everything. Although it might be easier to throw on a pair of black jeans under your coloured jacket or top, it just doesn’t combine well and ends up clashing in an unflattering way. Pastel is light and cool and black simply does not support this. A great way to maintain a good pastel look is to stick with a similar colour scheme. So pastel pinks could go with a pink-nude or even a bright pink.

If a similar palette is a little too adventurous, try simpler tones instead. Light greys, taupes or nudes and, particularly, whites can work great to complement a pastel piece without overbearing it or drawing away attention from the pastel. Simply put, try to keep everything airy and light.

  1. Keep it simple.

Coinciding with trends of today, keeping your pastel arrangement clean, cut and simple is essential. Overdoing it with eccentric materials and bold patterns is only going to confuse the look as opposed to complement it. Relaxed fit and simple shapes are going to be beneficial for both your comfort and your look. At the work place, go for a simple cigarette trouser or a nice button up shirt. As your focus in this situation is the colour, any other element such as shape or texture should stay rather quiet.

  1. Don’t be afraid of standing out.

Most trends today are going to be, generally speaking, fairly dull in style and colour. Blacks, navies and greys are the easy favourites when creating an outfit, particularly in the workplace. Although pastel can look calming and subtle as a wallpaper or office accessory, odds are wearing pastel is going to stand out drastically when walking through the usual shades of grey. It’s important to expect a bit of attention, whether that is just a few more looks up and down than usual, or even a handful of comments from co-workers. Be wary of the attention and embrace it.

If you are still a little unsure, think of pastel as a practicality choice. With summer only a month away, you’ll find your usual dark, heavy staple pieces a little restrictive and uncomfortably hot. Those black trousers will soak up the sun relentlessly, while a delightful cool blue will keep you feeling lighter and cooler, and that scorching heat will be a little less difficult to withstand.