Garden Trends of 2017 – Rustic and Vintage

Stop over-spending on clean-cut and modern gardening décor – go back to basics and you’ll satisfy your yearning for something a little more down to earth.

Rustic and Vintage Garden (Image Source: Pinterest),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Rustic and Vintage Garden (Image Source: Pinterest)

With the clean and modern look that’s been flaunting the front gardens of new houses in recent years, people are beginning to feel like something’s missing.

It seems people are beginning to feel nostalgic towards the old ways of their childhood gardens; which consisted of swings sets, ties in trees, wooden cubby houses, sandpits, pot plants and statues.

Well, if you do want to make your overly modern and clean garden a little more interesting, then give it some personally with an old bird bath. You can get these cheap from op shops or even better – garage sales. They will look beautiful and rustic in amongst the roses in your front garden. Imagine pastel pink and purple roses next to the creamy, slightly battered stone of the bird bath!

And don’t be afraid to mix the old and the new. In fact, combining the two is the new trend for gardening, after the success of this method in interior design and architecture. It’s not about the modern or traditional anymore, but about how you combine it all in an alluring way.

This look can be achieved by adding modern elements in a traditional garden, or incorporating bold, traditional elements in a modern garden.

Designer Julie Blakeslee at Big Red Sun says: “Rather than clean and modern, clients are asking for a more old-fashioned, more DIY look in their gardens. I think clients are looking for something more authentic and real.”

You can turn the old tired look of a swing set into a rustic work of art in your garden by giving it some cream paint (to match your birdbath), and replace the plastic seats with wooden ones. Or, you can modernize the look by adding a swing bench. It looks like a traditional swing, but made with a large wooden plank, a cushion and some thick rope.

The DIY look is more popular coming into 2017, so get that white, vintage outdoor table and chairs from out the back shed and add them to your now beautiful and organic garden with attitude.

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