Don’t Head up, up and Away Without These Must-haves

Carry-on for a flight, that you might not immediately think of

Don’t Head up, up and Away Without These Must-haves

You might think knowing what to pack and take with you in your carry-on luggage is pretty self-explanatory, although it’s very easy to miss something or think of something when it’s too late, that’s why we’ve curated a list of must haves for your trip up in the air.

Comfort is key when travelling so it’s important to come prepared for your adventure.
– Invest in a good neck pillow, these aren’t just a cool accessory to keep your neck warm but your back and neck will thank you endlessly, especially if you sleep on planes.
– A change of clothes, whether it’s a domestic or an international flight you never know what might happen, the weather might be vastly different when you step off or you might just spill something on you, never the less a backup set of threads is always a good idea. (tip – carry your jumper around your waist to save space in your bag!)

Flights can be draining, not only mentally but they can take a toll on your body and skin. A few things you’ll definitely benefit from having with you include:
– Moisturiser, the higher up you get the thinner the air becomes, leaving your skin dry and vulnerable.
– Chewing gum, not only a good snack to have but chewing on gum can help relieve the pressure in your ears when being so high up.
– Hand sanitiser, airports and planes are filled with thousands of different people every day and who knows what nasties they might be carrying, hand sanitiser is a perfect solution for on the go.
– Water! This one is pretty obvious, however, you might not have thought of investing in a collapsible water bottle, they’re cost-effective, environmentally friendly and they’ll save you much-needed space in your carry-on.

This is something we’re normally pretty on top of, making sure you have things to do during your flight. However, many of us often forget that you don’t always have reception or Wi-Fi on your flight, so think ahead and download some movies for when the Wi-Fi isn’t available. If you want a break from screen time, invest in a good book or some puzzles!

Happy travelling and always remember your power banks!