8 Million Pounds of Rubbish Pulled From the Ocean

All thanks to a $20 bracelet

8 Million Pounds of Rubbish Pulled From the Ocean

You may or may not have heard of the company 4ocean, the founders Alex and Andrew, who last year made Forbes’ 30 Entrepreneurs under 30, are two ocean loving friends who have made it their mission since January of 2017 to work towards creating clean and safe oceans and reducing the use of plastic and its disposal around the world.

The boys after heading to Bali for a surf trip were met with a debris covered beach and waves lined with garbage. This is where the idea for 4Ocean was born and so began the sale of a $20 charity bracelet called the 4ocean bracelet. They now stock a variety of products for purchase from bracelets to towels and drink bottles. ‘Every bracelet purchased funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and its coastline.’

After 3 years of ocean clean up, they’re on the road to removing almost a massive 8 million pounds of rubbish and pollution from our oceans. Currently working in Florida, Bali and Haiti the teams work is slowly expanding to the coasts of Central America, who have been dubbed the ‘trash islands’ in response to the tens of millions of pounds of rubbish currently being polluted amongst their shores.

‘Plastic accounts for up to 90% of all marine debris.’ If you’d like to do your bit in contributing to the clean-up and restoration of our planet’s beautiful oceans head to 4ocean.com and purchase your $20 bracelet for an additional pound of trash to be removed.

“Together we can end the ocean plastic crisis”.