6 Hard Truths No One Tells You When You Go From Long Distance to No Distance

What to do when the long-distance relationship closes in on proximity.

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6 Hard Truths

You rush off the plane, hurry to baggage claim and there they are, standing and waiting with arms wide open –the days of long distance phones and videochats are over. So what happens next?

The anticipation and excitement of moving from long distance to ‘no distance’ is hard to match, you’ve spent months, even years, planning what it would be like to spend all of your time together and now, that time is finally here. But it’s not what you might have imagined it to be like in the movies.

But no matter your age, how long you’ve been together, or the time you’ve spent apart, it’s not easy adjusting to life here when you’re used to being there. And sometimes, the expectations you’ve built while you’re apart don’t unfold as planned when you’re together. Here are six hard truths about going from long distance to no distance:

  1. The Mystery is Gone

Thinking about your significant other’s wonderful qualities is one of the things that made the long distance worthwhile. But, let’s be honest, you were probably spared from many of their not-so-great habits while you were living apart. Be ready for a bit of a surprise when you realise your incredible partner is also a normal human being most days.

  1. You Still Need Your ‘Distance’ Sometimes

After months (or years) apart, you want to spend every waking moment with your sweetie, but most experts agree, having time for yourself is important in building a solid relationship. Plan a night with your friends, try out a new hobby, or just spend time getting to know yourself and you’ll be a much better you to them.

  1. You Need to Create New Traditions

As a long distance couple, you counted on small traditions like talking at a certain time of day and sending care packages or notes. Revamping or starting new traditions will help maintain the connection you made while you were apart.

  1. It’s Easy to Fall Into a Rut

While many couples face this problem, former long distance couples are especially susceptible. You’re thrilled just to be around the other person, so it’s easy to fall into a routine of staying in and watching a movie on the couch. Treat yourself to date nights, go out with other couples, and try new activities together to keep things interesting.

  1. You May Realise You’re Not Meant for Each Other

When you are in a long distance relationship, the distance is a part of your relationship. But once it’s taken away, some couples realise they had less in common than they first thought. As a long distance couple, it’s hard not to get caught up in the sacrifices you’re making for each other. You may have spent a lot of time talking about your future together, but the chemistry may not be there once you’re around each other all the time. It may sound harsh, but it can happen.

  1. It May Take time to Feel ‘Normal’

Transitioning from long distance is a huge adjustment, no matter how rock solid a couple you are. In many ways, you are starting from scratch and it can be stressful. Just remember to be patient with yourself and with each other.