5 Podcasts That you Need to Listen to if you Want to ace Adulthood

There’s no one guide to adulthood, but if you’ve got a spare 10 minutes up your sleeve, these five lifestyle podcasts might help you out.

5 Podcasts That You Need to Listen To If You Want to Ace Adulthood.

Tired of your parents telling you to grow up and to get out into the real world? Or maybe you’ve got a little bit of FOMO because your friends are moving on with their lives while you’re stuck cooking in your mother’s kitchen. Whichever it is, there is no one guide on how to make the switch to adulthood. There are millions of books, bloggers, and life coaches that could tell you how to do it but if you’re not that much of a reader, that doesn’t mean you have to fake it until you make it just yet. With 850,000 podcast series and over 30 million episodes alone, we’ve done the digging to find you the best five podcasts on adulthood that can help you get your life together before you can say “hey mum, I’m moving out”. 

Money Girl

Before you even think about kickstarting your adult life, there is one thing you need to have under your belt before you make any drastic changes – that is, your finances. Hosted by personal finance and business expert Laura Adams, Money Girl breaks down complex and difficult to understand financial concepts in engaging and fun 20 minute weekly segments. In the nick of time, you’ll come to understand how you can manage your personal savings with Adams’ valuable financial advice that can be implemented into your lifestyle immediately. You can listen to Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Life on Apple Podcasts and iHeartRADIO.

Savvy Psychologist 

We all know that adulting isn’t easy and that even at the best of times we can find ourselves in a slump. That’s why Dr Jade Wu highlights the importance of self-reflection in her podcast Savvy Psychologist in order to educate her listeners on how to maintain a positive state of mind. This educational podcast provides quick and dirty tips per se, on how to be happy, healthy and ultimately be yourself. You can listen to Savvy Psychologist for free on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

The Tim Ferriss Show

If only life-hacks that actually worked really existed. Well, with Tim Ferriss’ interview-style business podcast, they do. Ranked the number one business podcast on Apple Podcasts, The Tim Ferriss Show, has previously starred many celebrity guests who in tell-all interviews with host Time Ferriss, discuss their tactics, tools and routines that they believe have helped with their life successes. A little lengthier than other podcasts, you can listen to The Tim Ferriss Show on Spotify and Overcast

Note to Self

If you enjoyed Netflix’s The Social Dilemma, Note to Self is the documentary in podcast form. Manoush Zomorodi kicked off the series in 2012, after realising the large influence that technology had – and still continues to have – over our lives. In less than half an hour, Zomorodi will have you questioning everything as she discusses technological concepts that most would not have thought about. You can take control of your social life by listening to Note to Self on Apple Podcasts and WNYC Studios website

Yeah But It’s Not As Simple As That 

Is Google your go-to for every awkward, unusual, random question you have? Say no more. VICE’s Yeah But It’s Not As Simple As That actually saves you from hours of scrolling as you try and find the most accurate answer to your questions. This podcast makes it their goal to explain the answer to questions you wouldn’t ask someone in person in order to satisfy your curious needs. If you’re up for a bit of fun head over to SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts to find out the answers to the questions that you’re too scared to ask.  

Whether you’re looking for some hardcore advice, or simply just want some guidance to see if you’re on the right track, these podcasts among many others are your go-to in order to make the most out of your adult life.