4 Free Activities to do on Your Holiday

Things you can do while travelling on a shoestring budget

4 Free Activities to do on Your Holiday

Holidays are definitely one of the highlights of the year, but they can be quite costly, here’s a list of four free, fun things to do on your next holiday.

Picnic in the park.
The perfect way to still go sightseeing but also not break the bank, grab some snacks and a blanket and go explore the local parks or gardens. Find a nice sunny spot and enjoy the day relaxing.

Everywhere you go, you’re likely to find a museum, many of which are actually free! Museums are exciting because they’re never the same, the offer their own exhibitions and often share lots of history surrounding the areas you’re in. A perfect way to break up and the day and learn something new.

Find the free local live music.
Whether you’re walking down a shopping strip or through an area boasting restaurants and pubs galore, you’re sure to encounter some local talent sharing their stories through song. Many are undiscovered talent, busking to share some joy and entertainment with the locals, music always brings out the fun in people and puts a positive spin on a walk through the town.

Collect free souvenirs.
Souvenirs are a great way to remember the holidays you take or the perfect gift to give someone back home. You can pick up souvenirs in the form of keepsakes such as shells, rocks or pinecones, just be sure you’re allowed to take these before you head home with any. Other collectables that are fun to have include memorabilia, free stickers, drink coasters etc from the local shops and restaurants. They’re also great because when you find them at home in a couple years, you’ll remember all the great times that came along with your souvenir.