3 Hair Washing Tips to Avoid Washing Your Hair

Whether you’re too busy or simply lazy, here are some tips for those amongst us who want to avoid the hassle of hair washing at all costs.

3 Hair Washing Tips to Avoid Washing Your Hair

If you’re anything like us, then washing your hair is a massive pain in the backside. Do you go with wet hair for the day, or schedule in an extra twenty minutes in the morning to blow dry and style? In an ideal world we want to wash our hair as little as possible, while still keeping it healthy and clean. To do this, we’ve got three tips that will make your hair wash last longer.

Shampoo Twice

This is a particularly important tip if your hair is dirty or you go more than a couple of days without washing it. A double shampoo will get rid of any build-up of make-up in the scalp as well as other dirt, grease and grime. You will be able to lather your hair up better, and we promise your hair will feel cleaner and fresher after.

Use The Ponytail Rule For Conditioner

Too much conditioner in the roots of your hair and scalp will often contribute to a faster build-up of oil and grease in the roots. To avoid this, imagine your hair is in a ponytail. When conditioning, use conditioner only in the ponytail section of your hair, and avoid using in the roots and close to the scalp.

And Of Course, Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a saviour for the time-poor amongst us who avoid the hassle of washing our hair at all costs. It’s a waterless, quick and effective way of revitalising hair between washes. You can use dry shampoo for up to 2 days in a row to freshen up your hair, it’s also great for adding volume and texture to oily hair.