PayPal Provides a Stress-Free Christmas

PayPal Australia has taken Christmas shopping to a whole new level with their new digital marketing campaign.

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PayPal Provides a Stress-Free Christmas

PayPal Australia has recently released their new integrated marketing campaign to assist Australian customers with their gift purchasing − just in time for Christmas.

Isobar, Edelman and Vizeum collaborated with PayPal to develop the Shop Off The Beaten Path campaign, which was drawn from the notion of the “hustle and bustle” of Christmas shopping. PayPal Australia is well aware of the frustration, stress and large crowds that Australians face each year when buying gifts for friends and family and getting organised for Christmas.

As a result of this yearly issue, many Australian consumers become fed up and fall back into buying the same type of gifts each year, simply because they run out of time, energy or lack inspiration.

PayPal has addressed this issue as part of their campaign by setting up an online portal that will help Australian shoppers discover more than 100 Australian businesses this Christmas – including The Daily Edited, Odd Pears and DadShop – that offers a vast range of unique items and gifts. The online portal acts as a search engine that allows shoppers to find “the perfect gift” by using specific keywords such as “geeky”, “quirky”, “adventurous” and “trending”. This search process is designed to give shoppers a number of search results to choose from and essentially connect them with Australian brands and retailers.

PayPal Australia’s marketing director, Elaine Herlihy explains, “This year we wanted to break the cycle of forgettable gifts by doing something we haven’t done before. We wanted to change ‘how’ people searched for and found the perfect gift. “Our Shop Off The Beaten Path portal offers an easy way to find those amazing gifts while at the same time supporting local businesses so every shopper can find something special for the people they love.”

The Shop Off The Beaten Path digital campaign users smart technology to allow the implementation of a data-driven media strategy. PayPal’s customer data along with their knowledge of mobile purchasing habits have both been used in order to cater to shoppers, Australian consumers’ and their overall purchasing habits.

The overall intention of the campaign is to provide a memorable, stress-free, online shopping experience for all Australians to find a great gift for Christmas while supporting small Australian businesses.